Most Energy Efficient Home Heating and Cooling Systems

If your Dallas home does not have proper attic insulation, has leaking air ducts, or needs more attic ventilation; even the most energy efficient home heating and cooling system can still be using excessive amounts of energy and wasting your money on high utility bills.

You can determine how efficient your home heating and cooling system is by scheduling a no cost home energy audit from A Cooler House Dallas or from other professional contractors in your area that specialize in home energy efficiency.


Duct Sealing Service

A Cooler House is one of the nations leaders in finding and repairing leaky duct-work. In fact... you'd be hard pressed to find an "Insulation Contractor" or "Radiant Barrier Contractor" with the equipment and expertise to properly seal your Duct system.

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Is There a Thief in Your Duct-work?

" There are more than a million miles of duct work in U.S. homes; and industry experts estimate that more than two-thirds of them are leaky enough to justify sealing or repair" (RE: The DOE). Leaky ducts can significantly increase air conditioning and heating bills, dramatically reduce equipment capacity and performance, as well as result in potentially dangerous indoor air quality problems. In fact, we find that duct leakage is responsible for most of the comfort complaints experienced by homeowners today.

The Solution

The certified technicians of A Cooler House can deliver the solution to your Duct Leakage issues like no other service company in Texas. Our techs have sealed over 10,000 duct systems over the last 5 Years. We have the equipment and know-how to correct any and all of your duct system woes.

Why Is Duct Leakage Important?

Leaks in forced air duct systems are now recognized as a major source of energy waste in both new and existing houses. Studies indicate that duct leakage can account for as much as 30% of total house energy loss, and in many cases has a greater impact on energy use than air infiltration through the building shell. Just as important, duct leakage can prevent heating and cooling systems from doing their job properly, resulting in hot or cold rooms, and humidity problems. Worse yet, duct leaks can create air quality problems by pulling pollutants and irritants directly into the house.

Here are just a few of the problems resulting from duct leakage:

  • Leaks in the supply duct-work cause expensive conditioned air to be dumped into the attic, crawlspace or garage instead of into the house.

  • Return leaks pull outside air into the duct system reducing both efficiency and capacity. In humid climates, moist air being drawn into return leaks can even overwhelm a new system's cooling ability.

  • High humidity. Clammy.

  • Leaks in return duct-work draws air into the house from attics bringing with it dust, mold spores, and insulation fibers.

  • Household depressurization from duct leaks and imbalanced duct systems can cause Natural Gas back drafts


Measuring Duct Leakage

A duct leakage performance test involves pressurizing the duct system with a calibrated fan and simultaneously measuring the air flow through the fan and its effect on the pressure within the duct system. Duct leakage measurements are used to diagnose and demonstrate leakage problems, and estimate efficiency losses from duct leakage.

Two different types of performance testing systems are used to measure duct leakage; a Duct Blower and a Blower Door.

Duct Blaster

A Duct Blower is used to directly pressure test the duct system for air leaks, much the same way a plumber pressure tests water pipes for leaks. The Duct Blower fan is first connected to the duct system. After temporarily sealing all remaining registers and grills, the Duct Blower fan is turned on to force air through all holes and cracks in the duct-work. A precise leakage measurement is then made using an airflow and pressure gauge connected to the Duct Blower system. Estimates of efficiency losses from duct leakage can then be made from the leakage measurements.

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