Most Energy Efficient Home Heating and Cooling Systems

If your Dallas home does not have proper attic insulation, has leaking air ducts, or needs more attic ventilation; even the most energy efficient home heating and cooling system can still be using excessive amounts of energy and wasting your money on high utility bills.

You can determine how efficient your home heating and cooling system is by scheduling a no cost home energy audit from A Cooler House Dallas or from other professional contractors in your area that specialize in home energy efficiency.


Replacement Windows in Dallas

Are you ready to replace your drafty old windows with new energy-efficient units?

A Cooler House is proud to offer Energy Saving Windows from NT Window. 

NT Window is a leading window manufacturer of aluminum and vinyl windows.  NT Window Inc. was created over 25 years ago and offers a complete product line conforming to the needs of the residential and commercial window markets.

Because of the high volume of windows that we purchase from NT through our CSI, Dallas County, and City of Fort Worth Weatherization Contracts A Cooler House is able to purchase direct from the factory in Ft Worth; that means big savings for you.

We offer two vinyl window models.

The Presidential Series vinyl replacement window was designed for the highest energy and performance standards with unsurpassed beauty. A unique frame design gives a distinct appearance of a premium replacement window.

The Executive Series vinyl replacement window has made energy efficiency simple to achieve. The essences of performance, quality and affordability have been combined to create the Executive Series vinyl replacement window.


  • Raised contoured exterior profile for distinctive style and appearance.
  • Integral top lift rail for easy reach and lever when operating sashes.
  • Exterior glazed sashes for smooth, continuous appearance from the inside.
  • Multi-chambered frame and sash components with heavy wall thickness for enhanced structural and thermal performance.
  • Wider and deeper interlocks at meeting rail with dual FinSil weatherstripping to improve thermal and structural ratings.
  • True slope sill design to aid in extreme weather and driving rains with double weatherstripped interior leg for added protection.
  • Metal reinforced meeting rail to enhance structural performance and to
  • attach sash hardware.
  • Double wall interior leg with weatherstripping for improved seal.

(PVC) Material Characteristics:

  • Maintenance-Free
  • Requires no painting/finishing inside or out—ever
  • High resistance to heat loss or gain
  • Resists condensation
  • Waterproof—unaffected by water
  • Resistant to moist, salt-laden air, pollution, airborne chemicals
  • Impervious to insects
  • Smooth surface properties that help prevent moving parts from “sticking”
  • Structurally rigid and stable.
  • Strong, durable frames, withstands mechanical stress and strains
  • Multi-chambered design insulates against noise
  • Will not support combustion. Will burn only while enveloped in flame
  • Material is competitive in cost with other window materials. PVC supply is abundant, price is stable
  • Material is energy efficient to produce, recyclable
  • Limited scrap in production – recyclable
  • Material requires no finishing


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